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time sure flies
Julie Walker Design is coming up on its fifth anniversary and things are going great. After a few busy years
moving around, JWD is now officially located in Pittsburgh, PA. Most recently, there have been some exciting
projects, campaigns, and even a few new clients. The JWD website has also been updated, so I invite you to take
a look around and see some of my work. I think you'll like what you see.

If you're new to Julie Walker Design, I owe you an introduction. My name is Julie Walker.

I am a freelance graphic designer with 11 years of experience in print & web design, corporate communications,
and brand management. I have worked in corporate, freelance, and agency environments such as Ignite Creative and
Skidmore Studio
in Detroit. In Toledo, Ohio I did some exciting work for ProMedica Health System and InVision Designs.
Some of my current and previous clients include:

Andiamo Italia
Joe Muer Seafood
The Driven
Pinot's Palette
Brownie's on the Lake
Corridor Sausage
Office Edge
Rojo Mexican Bistro
Warwick Construction
PG Professional Golf
Maple Press
Ci Actuation
The Detroit Tigers
Wayne State University
Freedom Hill Banquet & Events
Toledo Port Authority
The Perfect Campfire Grill
Carmela Foods
TreMonti Ristorante
ProMedica Health System
University of Michigan

I am currently available for contract and freelance work. I would love to talk with you about how Julie Walker Design can help get your business growing. You are welcome to contact me at julie@juliewalkerdesign.com